JRobots is a Java programming contest: Within few hours and little knowledge of Java you can build your artificial intelligence for a battle tank. Targeting, path-finding, evasion – that’s all you need to prevail inside the simulated arena. (Read more in the DOCUMENTATION section)

You can download the framework (as Java project) in the FILES section. You can see current stats in the ONLINE COMPETITION section. To take part in the online competition yourself, please register your name and email address (see right hand side). If you wish, you also are informed about upcoming local tournament events per RSS.

Battles are fought one by one. Every overcome opponent brings you nearer to the title.

  • Tournament event: Local events have been arranged in selected places throughout Bavaria. Within limited time, the participant teams implement their bots. A final tournament determines the winner of the local house cup.
  • Online competition: Upload your home-made bot to match with the greatest. Once your bot is arousing attention, you can participate in surveys and feature requests.

Below you can see a screencast from one of the battles of the online competition.

A video from one of the battles of the online tournament