The up-to-date JRobots Framework 2015-11 is available for download.

It is a ready to run Eclipse project (although you can run it with any other Java IDE). To run the framework in Eclipse, extract the archive into your Eclipse workspace. Import the project via the Eclipse menu bar -> File -> import -> Java -> Existing projects into workspace -> Select archive file -> Choose the file you have downloaded. A launch configuration is included.

JRobots is ready to run under Windows and Linux likewise, 32 as 64 Bit architecture. It should also run under Mac (though we did not test it).

A functional stub bot implementation is already in place: EmptyBot. On this foundation you should be able to develop your brilliant tactics. Fast.

For more information please refer to the DOCUMENTATION section.

And don’t forget: After a quick log in, you can upload your Uber-Bot and let it shred all the others.