Take part in the online competition. Upload a bot. It will be ranked the next time a competition is rendered.

To code your own bot, download the framework first. If you want to know how, refer to the documentation slides or read the JavaDoc delivered together with the framework.

You can upload your bot here. Here’s a checklist for participation:

  • The bot consists of exactly one Java file (e.g. MyBot.java).
  • The file extends the correct base class (e.g. JRobots20XX).
  • The file compiles (Java 1.6).
  • The bot is no memory hog. Please don’t use up more than 10K at any time during the simulation. Otherwise, your bot might not be ranked.
  • In general, it is no advance being a time hog. For the sake of a fluent simulation, please make efficient bots, if you like.
  • If you use hacks or glitches, your bot will be ranked separately (cheaters‘ rank).
  • Temporary: There seems to be a problem with the upload module. Please pack your bot into a zip file, if there is a message „file type not valid“.